Intrepid Powerboats. Walking the walk on water since 1983.

Talk is cheap, but Intrepid has been delivering on its promises of leadership and innovation in performance, comfort and safety since launching our first boat in 1983.  The fused hull and deck of that show-stopping 30-footer was built with a core composite system enhanced by the industry’s first vacuum-bag infusion molding process, a breakthrough which resulted in a lighter, stronger hull for a faster, smoother, more fuel-efficient ride. Just the first of an endless series of industry-leading advances in nautical design, engineering and fabrication techniques to come, it also established Intrepid as an entirely different brand of boat builders and luxury powerboat retailers.

No two Intrepid powerboats are alike. Each is ordered, built and customized one precisely satisfied customer at time. Then it’s backed by the finest owner care program in the industry.

Walking the walk for over a quarter century, Intrepid boats deliver an incomparable combination of yacht-class cruising comfort, speedboat thrills and fish, dive or overnight versatility. Just ask any family lucky enough to own one.

Truly one of a kind.

When we say “One of a Kind. One at a Time,” it’s more than a slogan. It’s what we do. No other boat company so carefully and proudly reflects the unique desires of each individual owner in every boat. Intrepid is a design and customer-driven company, always mindful that we owe our success to our loyal Intrepid owners.  At Intrepid, you call the shots. We can and will personalize your Intrepid boat any way you want it.  Experience powerboat luxury by taking a look at some of our customization features. If you don’t see what you want, just ask: