The Ultimate Traveling Companion


Incomparable style, comfort and handling make Intrepid the world’s #1-selling yacht tender.

The versatility to go fishing, diving or cruising in an individually customized craft with our plush salon seating, optional
drop-from-the-hullside-dive-door swim steps, and stand-up heads with optional showers, vanities and sinks make it #1 with owners, families and friends.


Built for the long haul.


From our latest 245 Center Console to our 475 Outboard Sport Yacht, Intrepid’s industry-leading design, engineering and fabrication techniques deliver incomparable levels of comfort, performance and durability over the longest of hauls. 

Our pioneering approaches to fit, finish and fabrication include the precision engineering of vacuum-bagged, resin-infused, knitted uni- and multi-directional laminates to form hulls capable of withstanding the pounding, stresses and loads of being towed behind a yacht over the course of multiple ocean crossings.

These advanced techniques result in a boat that is not only stronger, but lighter and more fuel efficient than any comparably-sized craft on the water – a boat that will support captain and crew with the best possible performance in any condition.

Simply put, an Intrepid delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and pure boating pleasure.