Customer Testimonials


Dear Mike,

As you well know I am the proud owner of the Payne Aweigh, a 43 foot Intrepid.  As a more than satisfied customer, I wanted to put “pen to paper” and expound on the process and ultimately my happiness with your company, your employees and my 43 foot Intrepid. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my boat. Mike, as you know, I've been boating for 37 years and have owned too many boats to remember. I feel that I could be considered an expert in the boating consumer world.

The fit and finish, as well as the performance of my Intrepid have far exceeded my expectations. The support after delivery of your product is nothing short of perfect.  Joe Brenna is truly a professional who represents the Intrepid product in a most superior manner. He is truly worth his weight in gold. Any questions I have had since the delivery of my boat have been handled by all of your staff quickly, professionally and in a friendly manner.  I am pleased that I am a "member of the Intrepid family". It would be my honor to act as an ambassador for your company and I have no problem recommending your company to anyone.

Again many thanks,

Bob Payne





Thanks very much for the demo ride yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet and have chance to visit while cruising the 327 cuddy. The boat was everything I expected and then some.... responsive, smooth, quick and looks great.

As discussed, I'm looking forward to receiving periodic pics of my boat at various stages of manufacturing.  Thanks again and I look forward to the next visit.

Best Regards,

Hank Siemon 




When I arrived this morning, I was hoping for an hour or so of familiarization with your fleet. What I got was an un-rushed VIP tour of your entire production operation that lasted all morning: WOW- such courtesy! From what I saw, everyone from top to bottom is working to deliver a consistent high quality product: What impressed me most was the culture of the pursuit of excellence! And it looks like everyone is constantly working to maintain this excellence in the system!

Your tour gave me the complete insight to now fully understand, and communicate to my survey client, exactly how an Intrepid is built, and why.

My sincerest thanks!

Best Regards,


Bill Potter Marine Surveys




Not sure if this one will make it into your catalog or your website. But I just got my "used"  289WA delivered on saturday and finally got a chance to take it offshore for the first time today. I've been boating virtually all my life in the waters of West Africa and have had several boats that I know how to run in various conditions. Without equivocation I have never operated a boat that is "just right" in every aspect. Ride, handling and general comfort were superb. My seven year old son was fast asleep on the L-lounge in choppy conditions whilst I was 12 miles offfshore and running at 35mph+ in conditions that I could only do 20mph in my old boat. In fact, I had to keep on looking at my rpm's and speed to understand what I was doing in terms of fuel consumption because I was covering ground so quickly sometimes I had to pull back.  You guys build a superb boat. I always knew Intrepid was top of the line but my experience today has confirmed it. 

Best regards,




"I received my boat from Intrepid looking factory new.  The warranty work was expected, but the level of cleanliness and the attention to detail was a pleasant surprise.  I want to thank you and everyone involved at Intrepid for your hard work and impressive commitment to customer service."

Warm Regards,

Steve Berman
President, FIRM Realty 



As you may recall, we have enjoyed the 32 ft. Intrepid for a number of years, and for the last four, the 35 ft. Intrepid.  We have used it extensively as a tender to our 130 ft. motor yacht, the Silver Shalis.  We have towed it throughout the Mediterranean during the summers of '07 and '08, traveling many thousands of miles from the Turkish to the Spanish Coast, and all places in between.   

Your Intrepids have served us exceptionally well and provided us with an opportunity to enter many places otherwise unavailable to us with the mother ship.  It has added a wonderful dimension to our boating experience for which we could not be happier.  Your Intrepids are well designed and well built, and you stand behind your product fully, and thus we find ourselves considering the possibility of yet another Intrepid, the 39 footer.

All of this arises by virtue of our enormous satisfaction with the Intrepid and our desire to consider yet a larger one providing the right configuration can be accomplished.  

Larry A. Silverstein


Dear Mike:
I wish to compliment the Intrepid organization for what I consider outstanding service and backup warranty pertaining to my 31’ Walkaround. Here’s the story. I took possession of my boat in January 2006 after waiting 18 months like every other buyer. The wait was worth it, because I have enjoyed this boat immensely ever since I took delivery. There was a slight flaw in the paint finish on the floor area near the front sliding cabin door, and I never mentioned it to anyone from Intrepid. After 3 years due to some prodding I received from one of my closest friends, I called the factory to ask their opinion, also mentioning that the floor caulking really did not stand up to weather like I had expected. Joe Brenna, from the factory, told me to take my boat to the Dania dealership indicating that Intrepid would make everything right under the Intrepid recognized Guaranteed Warranty.

I made my date with Mike Risavy who gave me all the professional courtesy expected. While in Dania everyone including Bill Crawford, my salesman, treated me royally like I had just purchased the boat. I felt the need to write you, because “this type of excellent service just doesn’t happen anymore.” Incidentally, while making my way to Dania I decided to do the ocean while it was bragging of 3-5 foot seas. My Intrepid hull told the ocean, “back off and get out of my way… this is my territory.”

Very truly yours,
Stuart A. Lewis





Dear Mike,
I wanted to thank you for all of your outstanding service and assistance as I purchased my Intrepid. The entire process was very easy and as expected, you were extremely courteous and professional. I appreciate you expediting its delivery and just going above and beyond in every way possible. I absolutely love the boat and couldn't be any happier. Contender who?!?

Jason Taylor


I have been an Intrepid owner for over ten years and can't think of a better boat to own. Its stability and smooth ride make it a very safe boat for enjoying with the family without sacrificing its power and speed. Its beautiful and very easy to handle and I think I'll own an "Intrepid" for many years to come.

Gloria Estefan, Recording Artist


“I must first commend your company for engineering and building such a seaworthy vessel. Our trip to Jamaica took a total of thirty-nine hours run time, in which we experienced a full variety of sea conditions from a 1-2 foot chop to between six to ten feet swell. The boat handled a head sea and with such comfort it was hard to believe that we were on a vessel smaller than 40 feet.

The service I received from you and the other people at Intrepid Southeast is indicative of the product you represent. It has been a pleasure meeting you and doing business; I look forward to future purchases and rest assure that I will be recommending you to prospective boat owners.

Kamaal Azan
Director, Timos Trading Ltd.


“My Intrepid is the best boat I have ever owned or been aboard and the quality is equaled only by the people of Intrepid. I went to the factory to see my boat being made. You can tell a lot by looking at who is building your boat. I was impressed. I spent the day with everyone from the owner, the plant manager, the head of engineering and the guys on the line. It was clear that these were people who care deeply about the product they produce.

When I took delivery of the boat, my confidence only grew. A mistake had been made with stainless tubing for the hardtop as opposed to the powder coating I had requested. The cost to ship the boat back to the plant, pull the hardtop and replace the tubing was significant, but the folks at Intrepid never blinked. There was never a question or debate, their only concern was the inconvenience to me.

Since then I have spent a lot of time with the folks at Intrepid and found them to be first class. You know the quality is real when everyone treats you as if it was his or her own company and you were the most important client they have. In my opinion, there is only one Intrepid. I love this boat!”

Don Clifford
President, MarketSource, Inc.


Some boat…some catch!
On March 25th, 2007, Mr. Carlos Safie of El Salvador caught this 305 lb. Black Marlin fishing from his brand new Intrepid 377 Walkaround.


I just wanted to wish you, your family and all of Intrepid Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. I flew down to Miami this weekend and finally got to see the finished T-Top. It looks great and I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that I have received from Intrepid. That's the reason people are willing to wait two years to get a new boat when there are a million others that they can drive home that day! Keep up the good work. I will make sure to tell everyone about my experience with your company. Good customer service is a dying industry in this country. Those that keep making it a priority will be the ones who prosper.

Mario Lamar






Hi Mike:
Here are a couple of photos of the 350 with the graphics on the side. They were taken this weekend on a mooring in Oak Bluffs harbor on Martha's Vineyard and tied up at my dock on the Cape.

It's hard to tell you how much we love this boat. The trip to the Keys was phenomenal. The Intrepid rides just like advertised. We spent hours sitting on the rail at 25 knots looking for fish while the Simrad steered the boat and never got a drop of water on us. At nearly 30 knots this weekend in calm seas my wife never once asked to slow down...the mark of a well-made boat, trust me!

I also can't say enough good stuff about Todd during the delivery and after. There's nothing he didn't do for us, usually before we asked, and always with a smile. He probably would have cleaned the fish when we got back, but I didn't have the heart to ask him. He made the delivery smoother than the boat rides.

Hope you had a great trip up north; at least you had good weather most of the time. Talk to you soon. All the best, Gordon



Mr. Crawford,
I wanted you to know about a major problem that I am guessing is inherent in all 35-foot walkaround Intrepids! We bought this boat expecting to get lots of rest and relaxation without hassles.

We just returned from our first major trip- Southampton, NY to Nantucket. The boat handled flawlessly in a very wide variety of sea conditions. No problems here.

The problems were constant and unending after we docked! We could not get people to stop asking questions about the boat! We were actually giving guided tours for 3 days! When we were on deck- almost everyone that strolled by wanted to know about it. This is where we were the smallest boat on the dock- almost all were between 45 and 150 feet.

I know that we sold three 35's and one 377. Plus one guy bought one from you already without ever seeing the boat- he was from Falmouth Mass. He came on board 3 times!

I guess you know where to send the shared commission check to?

Joking aside- the performance was incredible. My wife, who was a little hesitant to go for 4 and 1/2 hours in open ocean, said upon our return that she felt extremely safe and would definitely do it again.

The people that came by all had much larger boats- as we had- and all wanted to downsize. They all knew a lot about your boats but have never really seen any other than tenders. The "oohs" and "ahhs" were really something! Thanks for helping us make the right choice- and also in helping us build the sharpest looking boat in a marina of megayachts! Attached a picture of us on the maiden voyage.

Mike & Marianne Aguilar




Dear Glen,
Captain Tom tells me you go out of your way to be of help to him whenever he has a question or needs a tech to help him.

I do appreciate your supportive and helpful way.

During my last visit, you admired my watch. I recently visited the store where I bought the watch and saw that they had another one in stock so I decided to send it along to you as a small thank you. I hope you will accept the enclosed as a token of appreciation for all of your support.



Good morning Joe,
My name is Reggie Mason. You gave my wife Jennifer and I a tour of the plant a few months ago. I wanted to send a quick thank you for taking the time to meet with us. After meeting you and getting a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing of Intrepid boats, I knew I had to have one.

We purchased a pre-owned 339WA in June. The boat is beautiful. We just returned from our vacation in the Keys and the boat "Full Coverage" performed exceptionally well. Better than I had ever imagined. As you know, Florida Bay can get ugly quick. I was cruising comfortably at 36mph in 3 to 4 foot seas.

As with all pre-owned boats, there were a few items that needed to be addressed prior to our trip. We made two trips to your shop for parts. And both times we received customer service like no other. I can't say enough about how well Intrepid takes care of its customers. I am so proud to own one of your boats. Jennifer and I are already discussing when we will place our order for a new one.

You have made a lifetime customer out of us. It's great to be a part of the "Intrepid family".

Have a great weekend! Reggie Mason

Dear Mike,
It was good seeing you during my last visit.

I do hope the Lauderdale Boat Show goes well for you and it should with the exceptional products you have.

I appreciate the ride back to Pier 66 you gave me on my last visit. It's the first time you and I have had an opportunity to talk and I don't care what everybody else says, you're a "nice" guy!!

Thanks again!
Paul W. Ziegler



Dear Glenn:
Thank you for making my boat purchasing experience such a wonderful one. You kept all your promises and delivered the boat two weeks earlier than expected. The way you walked us thru, from choosing colors to selecting the appropriate power for the boat, was a delightful experience.

I do thank you and appreciate the fact you took the time to explain how things work on the boat and made sure that I knew how to handle the boat, at least in narrow quarters!! The way you helped us choose colors, fabric, canvas, lettering, insurance and even financing made our life much simpler and the experience such a joy.

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all the staff at Intrepid for putting up with me and my repeated visits the last two weeks and special thanks to Mike for his input in choosing the name!

Look out for me placing the order for a larger boat!!

Dear Bill,
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for sending us 4 boat tickets!

Intrepid Southeast is such a top-notch dealership, that it is always a pleasure doing business with you. After 7 years, we have taken our boat to all of the islands, we use it almost every weekend and it still performs flawlessly. It will keep customers like myself, spreading the good word and coming back in the future.

You, Mike and the crew at Intrepid Southeast are a first class team.

Again, we appreciate you thinking of us.

See you at the show!

Mike Stathis