Owner Privileges


Whatever-you-want customization. Whatever-it-takes customer support.


As a member of the Intrepid family, you and your family are welcomed into a collaborative design, construction and customization process that results in precisely the boat you desire.

Working directly with you, our team custom rigs electronics, fabrics and optional gear to your exact specifications. From custom-blended colors to state-of-the art sound systems, the result is a boat that expresses the unique desires of each individual owner.

Intrepid's customer support program is legendary for going well beyond the extra nautical mile to ensure the absolute comfort, safety and convenience of our owners. It starts with one of the industry's most comprehensive warranty programs.

For service and repair, our owners enjoy a direct relationship with the dedicated warranty specialists in our Dania, Florida sales headquarters. Our Largo, Florida manufacturing facility is comprised of a team that goes all out to fulfill the needs and desires of our customers, making sure your Intrepid will be everything you wished for and more.

Privilege, pride and prestige in one beautiful package.

 Confidence comes standard with every Intrepid we build.


Convenient to the core, calm in the storm.

Your Intrepid is distinctly yours.