Space Age Quality Control

Thermal Imaging – Going where no boat builder has gone before.

Proof that perfection never stands still, Intrepid is writing a new chapter in an unparalleled history of innovation by adopting the same cutting-edge technology used by NASA in the production, testing and quality assurance of its world class powerboats.

Since 1983, Intrepid has been the acknowledged industry leader in quality and safety. Advanced design and fabrication techniques such as resin infusion, the use of multi-directional fiberglass fabrics designed to withstand precisely calibrated load paths have made Intrepid the semi-custom boat builder that few other manufacturers even attempt to follow.

So it comes as no surprise that Intrepid is now leading the recreational marine industry by investing in the same infrared thermographic imaging technology utilized by the aerospace industry to further ensure the excellence customers have come to expect from an Intrepid center console, walkaround or sport yacht.


The Ultimate Quality Control

For many composite boat builders, the standard procedure for testing structural quality and integrity is to tap completed parts with a quarter and listen for a hollow sound – a practice that might leave captains with a hollow feeling in times of extreme weather or long hauls when a severe pounding will exploit even the tiniest flaw in a boat’s construction.

Thermal imaging displays minute variations in temperature between layers of fiberglass fabric and core, revealing even the slightest inconsistency. The precision of infrared cameras and software is such that each pixel on the screen is assigned a distinct heat value. Any anomaly, air pocket or defect displays as a color different from the flawless laminate surrounding it, and will thus be repaired or replaced.


Intrepid. One Of Kind. One At A Time.

Individually custom crafted on a built-to-order basis, each Intrepid’s advanced composite construction results in a boat that is stronger and stiffer, yet lighter, faster and more fuel-efficient. An unmatched combination of family-friendly comfort and thrill-inducing performance, it’s all part of a well-earned reputation for delivering the safest, smoothest, driest-riding boats on the water.