Fabrication Techniques

Built like no other.


Intrepid has been revolutionizing powerboat fabrication since 1983. It’s our dedication to the industry’s most advanced design, engineering and fabrication techniques that puts Intrepid in a class by itself:


Vacuum Bagging/Resin Infusion – This pioneering technique makes our boats lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient. Creating a vacuum seal bond between resins, hand-laid fiberglass cloth, and coring materials delivers greater strength and rigidity while shedding 20 to 40% of the weight in boats built with traditional materials and techniques.

Pioneered by Intrepid, this boatbuilding innovation…


Intrepid uses…


Custom Resins – Collaborating with world leaders in resin technology Intrepid has developed specialized, low-density resins that provide unmatched adhesion and durability with up to 40% less weight. These high-performance, 100% epoxy vinyl ester resins have both excellent processability and superior mechanical properties.  They offer proven histories of resilience, blister resistance, excellent fatigue life and toughness, as well as increased stability, strength and surface profile.  A 50% increase in tensile elongation, over a 15% increase in tensile, flex strength and resistance to fatigue all add up to the flawless, long lasting performance of an Intrepid.

Fabric Reinforcement – To ensure the utmost in durability and virtually eliminate stress fractures, hand-laid uni- and multi-directional fiberglass fabrics are precision engineered to withstand the various stresses and loads that different parts of the boat must endure in prolonged exposure to rough seas.

Small Parts Fabrication – Our small parts go through the same rigorous fabrication process as the boat’s hull and deck, which add strength and stability to every Intrepid.

Knitted Fabrics – Our fiberglass clothes provide a 20% increase in tensile strength over the woven fabrics commonly used in the industry. They require less resin to “wet out” which makes our boats lighter, and the lower profile of knitted fabrics creates less “print-through” for a smoother finish.

Superior Gelcoats – The gelcoats that Intrepid uses leverage unique technology that outperforms traditional marine white gelcoats in flexibility as well as weatherability. The gelcoat’s high resilience performs in rough waters while maintaining its glossy surface over time. These premium, MACT-compliant marine gelcoats deliver the superior blister resistance and application properties demanded by the industry’s standard-setting boatbuilder.