Obsessive commitment to quality, comfort and safety.

Obsessive commitments to quality, comfort and safety.

The flawless fit, finish and performance of your Intrepid is the result of the most obsessive nautical design, research, new product development, testing and quality control process in the industry – all focused on creating the safest, most comfortable, convenient and family-friendly vessels on the water.

Our quality control systems test and validate the quality, integrity and durability of every material, part and fabrication technique we use. Cameras and sensors are installed in the hulls of prototypes to measure the forces of stress, water flow, impact, lift and drag. Burn and gel tests also measure the effects of heat and stress – all part of an exhaustive, real-world testing process that each component must pass before coming on board with Intrepid.

Every square inch of our hulls is meticulously hand-inspected by a team of quality control specialists to eliminate even the most minute flaw, air bubble or uneven surface. Then we sand, buff and polish their deep gel coat finishes to a state of absolute gleaming perfection.

Additionally, our own in-house machine shop enables us to design, manufacture and install many of our own parts and accessories. Sound deadening materials, frameless stateroom doors, drain plates, hatches, cabinets, transoms, light fixtures, and our signature seating, sun pads and tables are among the scores of custom parts that make each Intrepid truly one-of-a-kind.