Smooth Comfort is Only the Beginning of the Intrepid Story.




Intrepid’s distinct stepped hull design makes perfect placement of the CG (center of gravity) possible – which gives an Intrepid an extraordinarily well-balanced ride. You’ll take off level, and actually feel like you’re levitating onto plane - a unique feeling only experienced on an Intrepid. These most advanced hulls in the industry flatten the waves – they literally punch the tops off the waves – and do it so efficiently that very little jolt is transmitted. That makes for a smooth, dry ride and a noise factor that is not a factor at all. Intrepid outboard-powered boats ride quietly enough to allow for normal conversational volume, adding an extra measure of comfort and pleasure to your passengers’ boating experience.


Once you come to appreciate the incredibly effortless handling of Intrepid boats,
you’ll want to come back again and again. Press the throttles or twitch the wheel and you get immediate response. No lag, no loose feel – just crisp turns and brisk acceleration for your boating enjoyment. There’s little perceivable hesitation as an Intrepid strikes a wave. It hardly pitches, and it maintains a level attitude that gives the impression of going through the swells rather than climbing them. Hit a wave that’s coming from a different angle than the rest of the train, and instead of dropping on one chine like so many boats do, your Intrepid powers through, remaining level across the beam.