Innovative Design

Design is where we shine. No one else even comes close.


Our first design consideration is what the boat will look like running in the water and at anchor. And we keep in mind that the shape of the bottom half of the hull determines what the above-water part of the hull will look like. Each is a component of the same part; the topsides aren’t bolted on to the bottom. We are aware that a curved surface cannot be “stopped” – at least not in a smooth transitional way. Depending on the shape of the bottom, a certain type of styling is created in the topsides (hullside between waterline and sheer). We feel the reason so many boats look alike is because most boats are running on variations of the same basic bottom shape. Intrepid’s bottom, on the other hand, is unique, and its topside look is never just copied in a “me-too” fashion. Looks count most when form follows function.


The shape of the boat’s stem is the result of the bottom shape in two dimensions: the 56-degree deadrise (angle with horizontal across the beam) and the increased declivity (angle with horizontal along the keel). The slight tumblehome along the hull is the natural “segue” from the tulip shaped section that is visible when you view the boat bow on. Achieving the right look is difficult to explain and put into words; it needs to be understood intuitively. As simply as it can be explained: A boat is a collection of curves. If you change one curve you affect the entire look of any 3-dimensional object. Intrepid’s keen awareness of this principle and attention to its implication accounts for our unique design success.


Intrepid creates a topside look that is smooth and flush, with everything streamlined and snugly under a hatch. All seams, such as in hatches and transom doors, are precisely fit.  When you look at a 390 Sport Yacht top, you’re looking at what seems to be one smooth piece (it’s impossible to tell that its 5 or 6 pieces). The result is a clean and fluid, yet purposeful look on the topside.


Achieving visual harmony is the very foundation and form of good design. The rake and angle of hardtop supports, bow rails and stanchions match or compliment the angles and shapes of the boat itself. At Intrepid, every detail conforms to harmony, good taste, graceful and dramatic form and design.