Hull Design

Intrepid's Stepped Hull Delivers a Smoother, Drier Ride with Unmatched Maneuverability.


Intrepid’s stepped hull is distinctly different – in concept, design, and especially in performance. Where Intrepid differs is in its forward panel, which is at a steeper longitudinal angle along the keel than the aft panel. These offset hull panels create more lift aft than at the step itself, so the boat runs with a slightly bow-up attitude, keeping it drier than the flat running angle of most stepped hulls, which have hull panels at equal declivity.


This design innovation is the primary reason why Intrepid’s stepped hulls turn and maneuver so effortlessly. As you turn any boat, the bow wants to go down. Aboard many other stepped hulls, which are running flat or slightly bow-down to begin with, this is a skittish situation because the bow can actually dig in and break the back end of the boat loose. This can’t happen on an Intrepid. Our tulip-shaped (convex or flam) bow entry adds buoyancy, and further complements the efficient lift and good handling properties of the step.